KARATE IN THE WORLD TODAY   Many within the United World Karate Federation have contributed immensely towards the development of karate in many parts of the world, those that are currently involved with our organization have good reputations and are practicing karate-ka and still training everyday and developing instructors and students in their respective dojo, cities, provinces, countries and continents, besides the development of karate world-wide. other organizations similar to ours are run by karate politicians who have long traded their karategi for a business suit. What we see today is many decision-makers in karate are those that were last on dojo floor about two or three decades ago and many that are involved from a karate prerspective are only worried about the sporting aspect and have discarded the benefits of karate as martial art are not even promoting karate as a martial sport, but just a sport with no human face, winning at all cost and transforming karate into a game